[sword-devel] Python bindings for libsword with SIP

Troy Melhase troy.melhase at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 23:55:33 MST 2009

> We probably could replace SWIG with SIP, but it is unlikely we would
> do it soon just because BPBible works and works now with what is
> there.  The changes you describe would be far more likely to benefit
> the Python programmer working with the SWORD API directly than they
> would be to benefit us, and so I'm not keen on making changes to
> working code as a priority.

I'm sorry for not being more clear.  My intention is not to replace
anything, I was asking for help with testing and for confirmation that
other folks can get this to compile.  And this couldn't replace the
SWIG bindings, not even close, because this works for Python only, not
Perl, Ruby, TCL, Scheme, etc.


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