[sword-devel] language/locale codes

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Nov 11 07:59:29 MST 2009

DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org> writes:
> U+00E5 is the unicode code point, not the encoding. In hex the utf-8
> encoding would be C3 A5. In ISO-8859-1, it would be E5.

XEmacs tells me that the buffer is UTF-8.  Manually re-asserting it...

M-x set-buffer-file-coding-system RET utf-8 RET

...and re-saving the file makes no change to the content, yet that's
exactly the mechanism I've used in the past to convert ISO-8859 to UTF-8.

> So I'd suggest looking at a hex dump to see what the encoding is.

BTDT.  "od -c" of this...

# correct: Norwegian Bokmål
#nb     Norsk Bokmål
# a hack while g_utf8_validate() dislikes 'å': Norwegian Bokmaal
nb      Norsk Bokmaal

...produces this...

0007300   o   e   r   o  \n   #       c   o   r   r   e   c   t   :    
0007320   N   o   r   w   e   g   i   a   n       B   o   k   m 303 245
0007340   l  \n   #   n   b  \t   N   o   r   s   k       B   o   k   m
0007360 303 245   l  \n   #       a       h   a   c   k       w   h   i
0007400   l   e       g   _   u   t   f   8   _   v   a   l   i   d   a
0007420   t   e   (   )       d   i   s   l   i   k   e   s       ' 303
0007440 245   '   :       N   o   r   w   e   g   i   a   n       B   o
0007460   k   m   a   a   l  \n   n   b  \t   N   o   r   s   k       B

For a-ring, the character map application observes...
        C octal escaped UTF-8: \303\245
...so I'm pretty well convinced that the content is right.

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