[sword-devel] Korais - word processing for ancient scripts

David Haslam d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk
Wed Nov 11 07:01:09 MST 2009

This software may be of interest to CrossWire developers.

Writing with ancient scripts and making your texts available to text editors
of multiple platforms (Windows, Linux/Unix, Macintosh etc.) is unfortunately
still not a very easy task. KORAIS is a word processor and email application
with an integrated input method, that will help you address exactly this

http://korais.sourceforge.net/ http://korais.sourceforge.net/  

Here is a summary of what KORAIS allows you to do:

    * Write texts or emails in Aramaic, Ancient Greek (Polytonic) and Modern
Greek (Monotonic), Coptic, Cypriot Syllabogram, Etruscan, Hebrew, Old
Persian, Phoenician, Ugaritic, Linear B.
    * Convert texts from 137 various Encoding into Unicode.
    * Use up to 137 Encodings to save your texts.
    * Convert any non-Unicode Greek font to Unicode Greek.
    * Use as many of the available Keymaps as you want in a single document
    * Easily add your own Keymaps using any characters in Unicode 4.1 (e.g.
Egyptian Hieroglyphic, Luwian, Linear A etc.), using combinations of up to 7
Hotkeys you can assign up to 3433 characters to a single Keymap!
    * Easily add any Unicode 4.1 characters into your document through a
table that displays all Unicode characters available
    * Convert your text to Unicode or to one of 137 available Encodings
    * View all Unicode characters available on your system in a graphical
    * Send and receive e-mails with or without attachments. The recipient
will be able to read your text, even if he does not have KORAIS
    * Administrate easily an infinite number of IMAP, POP and SMTP accounts!

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