[sword-devel] .conf-only updates (was: Re: 3-letter language character codes)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Nov 9 23:12:01 MST 2009

Nic Carter wrote:
> The other thought I had was the suggestion from a week or so ago
> about the versioning of the conf files...  if the version numbers
> were X.Y.Z we could say that a change in X or Y means there's a
> change in the text, requiring a redownload of the entire text.
> However, a change in Z simply means that the conf file has changed &
> so the user doesn't need to redownload the entire text but simply
> grab the new conf file (generally less than 1K, but also available in
> mods.d.tar.gz). This would be useful for if we later on also want to
> add Feature=Paragraphs, or whatever other tags we want to add that
> simply change the conf file (which is how this suggestion came up
> last week)? But would also mean we could silently update a conf file
> with a new language code and as long as the front-end is keeping
> up-to-date with the ISO codes, everything should work?  :)

I really like this idea. We've always reserved use of the revision 
number (Z in X.Y.Z), but our SWVersion code can recognize it.

As I see it, the advantages of dedicating the revision to .conf updates are:
1) We can add some new code to InstallMgr so that when a user updates 
his mods.d.tar.gz and it notices a new revision of the same minor 
version, it can do a silent .conf update.
2) A user who is still using Sword version <= 1.6.0 will get fallback 
behavior and still be able to update, they'll just have to download the 
whole module.

I'll start implementing this in a day or two, if no one raises an objection.


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