[sword-devel] 3-letter language character codes

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Mon Nov 9 08:33:39 MST 2009

Hi all, I have a question about where we get our 3-letter character  
codes for the languages of our modules from?
I just added code to lookup (from the data available at http://www.sil.org/ISO639-3/default.asp 
  ) what the different languages are that we have modules in, but I  
still end up with the following language codes as unknown:

ckw (from ckw_WBTI_1996)
cti (from cti_BL_1976)
mvc (from mvc_WBTI_2002)
mvj (from mvj_WBTI_2000)
qut (from qut_WBTI_1997)
tzz (from tzz_BL_1987)

These are all from the crosswire beta modules site...
I was awesomely impressed with the huge range of languages available  
through the crosswire & crosswire beta sources (& I'm ignoring the  
experimental repo atm!) & it further reminds me of how sheltered I am  
for only knowing one language (and several computer languages!)...

Anyway, can anyone point me to where I can look up these extra  
language codes?  Or are these for languages that are so rare that they  
aren't even in ISO639-3 yet & they'll be added soon?  or . . .  ?  :)

thanks all,
	nic...  :)

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