[sword-devel] Poetry group not starting on new line in module

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Mon Nov 9 07:33:04 MST 2009

On 11/09/2009 09:25 AM, johnduffy at cgcf.net wrote:
> DM,
> That would be great to see the fix either with or without the looking
> behind/ahead.
> I presume that this fix would not apply to Xiphos or BibleCS.  Is that
> correct?

Right. It is BD specific. Though my mention of it here is that the SWORD 
library is not handling it correctly and it too needs to change. The 
semantics of the change are the same.

Another quirk I thought of:
Suppose the following
<verse sID="xxx"/>
<lg sID="yyy"/>

That is the <lg> is the first thing in the verse.

In this case we don't want the <lg sID/> to output a <br/> after the 
verse number. Instead we want to output the <br/> then the verse number.

This is probably true for all instances of a verse start followed 
immediately by a block start.

In Him,

> John Duffy
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> Based on the output John sent me, I see what the BibleDesktop problem
> is. Our stylesheet is ignoring<lg sID="xx"/>  and also<lg eID="xx"/>.
> It is a relatively simple fix. I just need to get them to output a<br/>
> when generating HTML.
> Actually, in the sID case, if the former sibling element is not a block
> element then give a<br/>. If it is the first child, then there is
> nothing to do.
> And in the case of an eID, it needs to look forward in the document. If
> the following sibling element is a block element then we emit a<br/>.
> If it is the last child, then there is nothing to do.
> To not look behind or ahead will cause extra blank lines at various
> points. But even that is better than what you got.
> In Him,
>       DM
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