[sword-devel] Bibles without paragraphing

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Fri Nov 6 20:32:52 MST 2009

I really like the sound of this  :)

One thought about your third strategy is that sometimes a paragraph  
will start in the middle of a verse?  Or, at least, I'm thinking that  
some Psalms start a new line in the middle of a verse...  I'm not sure  
if we count a new-line in a Psalm as a new paragraph, but the  
behaviour is similar?

Perhaps we could have both #1 and #3, where the user has a preference  
to use #3 if the module lacks Feature=Paragraphs?  And if not, could  
then fall back to Verse-Per-Line?

If we had #1 over #2, it would save updating a LOT of module confs,  
given that there's a much smaller number of modules with paragraphs  
than without?

On a side note, if you're going to be going through module confs, how  
possible is it to switch all confs to use UTF8?  I know that there are  
some confs that have their description written in different mark- 
up . . .  perhaps RTF?  I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it would  
be great if the front-end simply read in the conf description as UTF8  
& knew that that would be valid text (whether that is Japanese,  
Chinese, Spanish or Hebrew) & didn't require further massaging...  :)
(as an example, the description text for ChiNCVt & ChiNCVs is a mess,  
yet there are fun characters in VietLCCM & that one works fine?)

just my 2c,
	nic...  :)

On 07/11/2009, at 2:05 PM, Chris Little wrote:

> We have many many Bibles that lack any kind of paragraphing markup.  
> These will tend to be rendered as a single big block of text per  
> chapter, which is rather ugly.
> Some front ends offer a verse-per-line option where every verse gets  
> its  own newline, regardless of whether the Bible has paragraphing.  
> I think this is a good option for the case of non-paragraphed Bibles  
> but undesirable for those that do have paragraph indication.
> I would like to propose that we add a new Feature to .confs (e.g.  
> Feature=Paragraphs). If the feature is absent, a front end can know  
> that it should output newlines at the end of each verse.
> Alternately, we could tag unparagraphed Bibles with  
> Feature=NoParagraphs. There will be many more Bibles that need to be  
> checked, updated, and re-downloaded by users. But if a user fails to  
> update his content, in this case there wouldn't be the incorrect  
> behavior of rendering paragraphed Bibles as verse-per-line.
> A third alternative (probably less attractive now that we're  
> releasing quite a few non-KJV v11n Bibles) is to do one of the above  
> and then offer static paragraphing like OLB does. OLB starts new  
> paragraphs at set verses, regardless of the Bible. We could grab the  
> paragraph data from the KJV, for example, and then insert paragraph  
> marks in the render filters.
> I think my preference is to add Feature=Paragraphs and just do verse- 
> per-line in the absence of that feature. Thoughts?
> --Chris
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