[sword-devel] Osis validation problems on header

johnduffy at cgcf.net johnduffy at cgcf.net
Tue Nov 3 02:19:00 MST 2009


Many thanks for correcting that.  That now validates in Notepad++ against
the osis schema.

Just one more question - will the scope Gen-Rev cause a problem since seven
additional deuterocanonical books are included?  That is, since these are
located after Rev in the file, will they be omitted from the scope?  This
knowledge would be helpful when module testing.

Thanks again.

John Duffy

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Here is the valid version of your header. Comments follow.

That was most of your problems. The other problems were the curly quotes 
instead of straight, as you noticed, the incorrectly cased date types 
("Gregorian" must be capitalized), and the second subject element, which 
I assume was just a mistake.

The above also includes a pair of corrections that wouldn't be cause my 
a validator: The ISO 639 code should probably be lowercase. I don't 
think ISO actually specifies this, but most other standards (e.g. BCP 
47) recommend lowercasing language codes. And the scope statement should 
be an osisRef, thus Gen-Rev rather than GEN-REV.


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