[sword-devel] Understanding the structure of generic books and their relationship with TreeKey.

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Nov 2 22:18:27 MST 2009

Dear Rendezvous,

In addition to Matthew and Greg's helpful reply, have a look at the
genbookutil in the utilities folder of the source:


This utility exercises the basic SWORD genbook features.  At the top is
a basic printTreeKey method which might do just what you want.

Hope this is helpful,


Rendezvous wrote:
> --- On Sun, 11/1/09, Greg Hellings <greg.hellings at gmail.com> wrote:
>> From: Greg Hellings <greg.hellings at gmail.com>
>> Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Understanding the structure of generic books and their relationship with TreeKey.
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>> Date: Sunday, November 1, 2009, 5:33 PM
>> Rendezvous,
>> On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 4:01 PM, Rendezvous <junk_and_mail at yahoo.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Through browsing through some source code i've managed
>> to figure out that you need to convert a SWKey
>> (SWModule::getKey()) to a TreeKey to be able to iterate
>> through the sections/chapters of a GenBook. However, i have
>> yet to figure out how to obtain the children for each
>> section/chapter. Rather than taking a guess with trial and
>> error and searching through more Sword frontends' source
>> code, i would prefer to have a _full_ understanding on how
>> Sword handles GenBooks and how frontends can make use of
>> those methods.
>>> My questions: Is TreeKey the only way to obtain the
>> sections/chapters of a Genbook? And how do i get a list of
>> the children for each section/chapter? Am i right to assume
>> that i have to use SWModule::setKey() to set the current key
>> to one of the root sections and then  re-cast
>> SWModule::getKey() to a TreeKey and iterate through that? Or
>> is another method required?
>> You might want to look into the documentation on
>> http://www.crosswire.org/~ghellings/1_6_0classdocs/ for
>> version 1.6.0
>> of the engine.  Particularly look under
>> TreeKey::firstChild() and
>> TreeKey::nextSibling/previousSibling.
>> --Greg
> The code i was using already made use of those methods. However, i could go down no further than the root level. I am wondering how to obtain the children for the keys i've only been able to get. Here's is the current, relevant part of the code i am using:
> //
> {
> 	QList<DSword::TreeNode> sectionsList;
> 	sword::TreeKey *tk = dynamic_cast<sword::TreeKey*>(swModule->getKey());
> 	if (tk->firstChild())
> 	{
> 		while (tk->nextSibling())
> 		{
> 			DSword::TreeNode node;
> 			node.name = tk->getText();
> 			node.parent = NULL;
> 			sectionsList << node;
> 		}
> 	}
> 	return sectionsList;
> }
> //
> Let's say i load the English GenBook, "Immitation." I only get the following:
> /Foreword
> /Book 1
> /Book 2
> /Book 3
> /Book 4
> though the last four have children. Trying to figure out how to obtain the children through trial and error have so far led me no where.
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