[sword-devel] Fw: Open Office Writer To OSIS GenBook Export Filter

LVZirkusBaer zirkusbaer2001 at yahoo.com
Fri May 29 00:58:07 MST 2009


was trying to use the template (found at
http://sites.google.com/site/danielowensstuff/) without success. When I
try and export as OSIS XML 2.1.1 using OpenOffice 3.0 it retuns the
following error:

Error saving the document test9:
Write Error.
The file could not be written.

The file test9 can be saved as other file types, including exporting the document test9 to xhtml.

(The file test9 is now just the information original to the template.) 

Is it an issue with OO 3.0 or can you give me some additional guidance on how to successfully export to OSIS XML 2.1.1?

Thank you!

Best regards,


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