[sword-devel] WLC 1.5 loses spacing?

Teus Benschop teusjannette at gmail.com
Mon May 25 06:02:29 MST 2009

I think that the morphology database is a commercial product. If such a
module would ever become available for the Sword library, and it would
be made available commercially, I would buy a few copies, one for each
of our translators.

Thanks for the hint about BibleTime, will try it out once BibleTime is
packaged with libsword8 dependency. 


On Mon, 2009-05-25 at 13:32 +0200, Martin Gruner wrote:
> Hi Teus,
> BibleTime does show indicators for the segmentation, depending on the display style that is chosen (these are customizable to some extent).
> If the morph database is copyrighted, an encrypted module would have to be created for secure distribution. This could even be in the commercial interest of WHI. 
> I would probably by this module.
> mg

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