[sword-devel] Announcing the Release of the TExT New Testament Greek Lexicon, version 0.1.1

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Sun May 24 01:14:16 MST 2009

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the 
Translatable Exegetical Tools (TExT) New Testament Greek Lexicon. The 
vision of this project is to create a collaboratively produced modern 
replacement for Strongs' NT Greek Dictionary that can be distributed 
freely, translated freely, and serve as the basis for further lexical 
work in Koine Greek. This is the first release of the TExT New Testament 
Greek Lexicon. For more detailed information about the project, see the 
project description on our wiki at 

The dictionary can be downloaded from the TExT website at 
http://www.textonline.org/downloads. Currently the dictionary is 
packaged for Windows users with an installer for Lexique Pro, a 
dictionary editing program written by SIL field workers, and as a zip 
file with a platform-independent source file. Both downloads contain the 
release notes for this release. In the future we plan to make a SWORD 
module and a PDF file available as well.

Since this is a collaboratively produced project, we rely on the 
volunteer time of contributors. If you would like to contribute your 
time and expertise or would just like to give us feedback, please send 
an email to editors at textonline.org.

Daniel Owens
On behalf of the Managing Editorial Team, TExT

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