[sword-devel] Moving on from Crosswire...

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Sat May 23 10:39:07 MST 2009

I wanted to clarify a few things so that rumors do not abound here about 
the where abouts of David Trotz.

It is true I have taken on a new job at Olive Tree as a senior software 
engineer. It is also true that I have been asked not to work on mobile 
device front-ends for Crosswire while at Olive Tree. This request I felt 
was perfectly reasonable and something that the Lord had laid on my 
heart as well prior to the request. In fact I went a step further 
because I felt that while I am employed at Olive Tree I should refrain 
from any activity at Crosswire in order to keep the relations between 
Crosswire and Olive Tree as agreeable as they have been in the past. The 
last thing I want to do is cause any kind of schism between the two 
parties, I mean after all we are all on the same team.

While I realize that this decision I have made does not line up with 
everyone's philosophies or ideals, I ask that you try to understand that 
I honestly and whole heartedly felt the Lord call me to Olive Tree. This 
was not a decision I (nor Olive Tree) made overnight. It is something 
that has been brewing since January of 2008 and I have been praying 
about it ever since.

I pray the Lord continues to bless Crosswire's efforts in bringing the 
Word to a new generation of believers. Should I ever find myself leaving 
Olive Tree I would love to come back to Crosswire and pray that I would 
always be welcome.

I have made many, many friends while at Crosswire these past 9 years, 
and you guys will always be my friends. We can still chat like we always 
have and I do plan to drop into #sword from time to time just to catch 
up with everyone. Crosswire will always be dear to my heart.

Troy... its been a pleasure working with you. You are a great leader, 
and I have always appreciated your heart for the Lord and His work.

Blessings everyone

In Christ,
David Trotz

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