[sword-devel] SWORD utils frontends

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Sat May 16 05:16:53 MST 2009


I started working on web frontends for the SWORD utilities (osis2mod,  
xml2bgs, ...) and also for OSIS validation.
It can happen that many people use this at the same time and to not  
mix up modules and uploaded OSIS or source files the application needs  
- create temporary session folders on the server where data is  
temporarily stored and processed for the current session only and  
deleted some time later.
- work on a user name related bases. That would mean have a login  
before someone could actually use the frontends. User folders could be  
created to operate in and the user could get an interface for managing  
his modules (at a later stage).

In my opinion the user approach has more potential. But in order to  
not again have users need to register while they may already have an  
account for our wiki it might be good to have some kind of single- 
signon. Or at least share user data in a database which can be used  
for the wiki and this service.
Since the wiki database already exists would it be possible to access  
this database and share the users in there?


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