[sword-devel] InstallMgr

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Fri May 15 01:28:17 MST 2009

Am 15.05.2009 um 05:38 schrieb Greg Hellings:

> On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 11:29 PM, Matthew Talbert <ransom1982 at gmail.com 
> > wrote:
>>> Does it require a difference (for the C++ front ends) to add support
>>> for FTP InstallMgr methods than it does for them to add a file://
>>> version?  It seems that, if so, this is a problem with the design of
>>> InstallMgr.  I would imagine that the interface between SWORD and  
>>> the
>>> application would be identical in all those cases -- all the
>>> application needs is to retrieve the information and provide a way  
>>> for
>>> the user to input new locations.  I get the impression from your
>>> previous messages that the front ends will need to change when you  
>>> add
>>> HTTP support to the library then front ends will need to add another
>>> portion to their install manager that allows the user to create HTTP
>>> install locations separate from FTP or file:// ones -- is that the
>>> case?
>> The interface is different for local installations than it is for FTP
>> installations. For local installations, you must create an SWMgr that
>> points to the location of the modules to be installed, then you can
>> get a listing of the modules available (but you must be careful to  
>> not
>> augment the path with HOME/.sword or other locations or it won't
>> work). For FTP, it also creates an SWMgr, but it does it itself, and
>> exposes the list of available modules. This difference is why Xiphos
>> couldn't really use a local source until 3.0. No one had figured out
>> how it was supposed to work :)
> I see -- it seems to me that method doesn't take nearly as much
> abstraction as it should.  I should imagine that a client application
> could simply create an InstallMgr object and pass it the string that
> it ought to search for.  If the string is file://, ftp://, http://,
> cifs:// or \\host or whatever shouldn't much matter in my mind.  The
> URI should be parsed and the proper actions taken within InstallMgr.

Yeah. I second that.
For any install source location InstallMgr should be used and it  
should be able to handle any URL.


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