[sword-devel] What is the command to retrieve text by args like "Genesis 1:1"

Wei-Wei Guo wwguocn at gmail.com
Fri May 8 09:17:22 MST 2009

Luke Plant 写道:

Hi Luke,

> I'm presuming you want to write in Python.  You need to build the 
> Sword Python SWIG bindings (from the sword source tarball), and I have 
> some Python code here which should provide a basis for what you need.
> http://hg.lukeplant.me.uk/python/luke/file/b146cdf1a8c9/lukeplant_me_uk/bibleverses/sword.py
> The function "get_bible_text()" is what you need to look at, the rest 
> may or may not be relevant.
> The code seems somewhat cumbersome, there may be an easier way.  Also, 
> the process of converting to plain text is somewhat hacky, and I only 
> implemented what I needed (I mainly use the ESV module).

I never know Sword has primitive Python bindings. It's good to know it.
Thanks a lot!

Best wishes,

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