[sword-devel] Ndebele and Shona Bibles

Teus Benschop teusjannette at gmail.com
Fri May 8 07:10:22 MST 2009

Bibledit has two methods for creating OSIS files or Sword modules. The
old one will be phased out and is no longer maintained. The new one is
the one to focus on. Last time when I tested it, the new method produced
an OSIS file that validated against the OSIS schema. But the tests that
were now done with the Ndebele and Shona Bibles show that some terrible
regression has taken place. I'll submit bug reports for these, so that
it can be fixed.

The other remarks intended for improving bibledit, these were added too,
including the suggestion to use names for the USFM files that use

I had submitted compiled modules for the Ndebele and Shona Bibles, but
have received a reply that compiled modules are not accepted but that
instead the modules will be generated using the source USFM files which
were linked to. Since usfm2osis.pl generates good OSIS files, this is
definitely the way to go. Hopefully it won't be far away that bibledit
does the job well too.

About the Go Bible, there is already a bug open against bibledit that
the "Go Bibles does not Go". Thanks for the information about the
project, very helpful in case something does not go well.


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