[sword-devel] Chinese transliteration with strong's numbers

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Sun May 3 21:06:52 MST 2009

matthew at matthew-desktop:~$ diatheke -t latin -b ChiUns -f osis -k 1 Sam 1:5
I Samuel 1:5: ←w  savlm="x-Strongs: H05414"→gěi ←/w→ ←w
savlm="x-Strongs: H02584"→hā ná ←/w→ ←w savlm="x-Strongs:
H04490|x-Strongs: H0639|x-Strongs: H0259"→de què shì shuāng fēn ←/w→
←w  savlm="x-Strongs: H0157"→, yīn wèi tā ài ←/w→ ←w savlm="x-Strongs:
H02584"→hā ná ←/w→ ←divineName→←w savlm="x-Strongs: H03068"→. wú nài
yé hé huá ←/w→←/divineName→ ←w  savlm="x-Strongs: H07358|x-Strongs:
H05462"→bù shǐ hā ná shēng yù ←/w→ .<milestone type="line"/>
matthew at matthew-desktop:~$

In the console the < and > don't appear at all, but I'm seeing here
that they have been "transliterated".

matthew at matthew-desktop:~$ diatheke -b ChiUns -f osis -k 1 Sam 1:5
I Samuel 1:5: <w  savlm="x-Strongs:H05414">给 </w> <w
savlm="x-Strongs:H02584">哈 拿 </w> <w
savlm="x-Strongs:H04490|x-Strongs:H0639|x-Strongs:H0259">的 却 是 双 分
</w> <w  savlm="x-Strongs:H0157">, 因 为 他 爱 </w> <w
savlm="x-Strongs:H02584">哈 拿 </w> <divineName><w
savlm="x-Strongs:H03068">。 无 奈 耶 和 华 </w></divineName> <w
savlm="x-Strongs:H07358|x-Strongs:H05462">不 使 哈 拿 生 育 </w> 。<milestone
matthew at matthew-desktop:~$

Both of these completely wrecks the display for Xiphos. Version 2.0 of
the module works reasonably well.


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