[sword-devel] Poetry Encoding

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Thu Mar 26 13:20:56 MST 2009

David (Mailing List Addy) wrote:
> So now that we've had a discussion about how to indent poetry, is 
> there a reliable way to pragmatically detect poetry? In the ESV instead 
> of wrapping the lines in <l></l> tags it's in an <l /> tag. Is this the 
> standard way of encoding them?

Using <l/> is simply sloppy and bad OSIS. It works, it validates, but is 
wrong. (I did the conversion, so I am slamming myself:)

According to the OSIS spec (from memory):
<l level="2">yyy</level>

Note the first and third <l> have no level attribute. I'd take this to 
mean a top level line or equal to level="1" (as we discussed before).

Regarding the ESV, the conversion was done programmatically. If there 
are markup bugs (and there are), please report them in 
www.crosswire.org/bugs under Modules. If I have enough and enough time, 
I'll update the conversion. Since it is copyrighted material, we are 
holding the source in private, but if you want to volunteer, we are 
certainly open that.

In Him,

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