[sword-devel] Revelation 15:3 in KJV

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Mar 21 16:46:00 MST 2009

The verse appears odd indeed - at least in xiphos. I have not looked at the actual entry in the module. But I also think that your list of strongs for this verse is not complete. 3588 is the greek definite article, so it appears commonly in dual strong entry and your printout does not seem to include the second entry.

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> Revelation 15:3 in the KJV is a little odd in that it starts with a lot of
> empty strong's number tags and appears to be badly tagged. I am using KJV
> 2.3
> As you can see, <3588>'s get applied to lots of the words where they don't
> belong:
> 3 <40><935><3598><3841><2316><2041><721><5603><2316><1401>And<2532> they
> sing<103> the song<3588><5603> of Moses<3475> the servant<3588> of
> God<2532>, and<3588> the song<3588> of the Lamb<3004>, saying<3173>,
> Great<2532> and<2298> marvellous<3588> are thy<2962> works<4675>,
> Lord<3588>
> God<3588> Almighty<1342>; just<2532> and<228> true<3588> are thy<3588>
> ways<4675>, thou King<3588> of saints<40>.
> God Bless,
> Ben
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