[sword-devel] dictionary ordering revisited

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Thu Mar 19 08:11:18 MST 2009

I'm working on a dictionary with keys based on the lemma in the MorphGNT 
module (which so far has no dictionary support). I am running into two 

1. Since the keys are polytonic Greek, the byte ordering method of 
creating the index totally destroys the ordering of the dictionary (same 
problem with Vietnamese). BPBible does a reasonable job of dictionary 
lookup (so far the only front-end coming near to supporting dictionary 
keys in polytonic Greek), but many obvious lookups like anthropos are 
thrown off because the words starting with alpha are separated in groups 
spread out over several places in the index. Looking back in the 
archives, I saw a comment from Troy from October 2007: "Generating a 
secondary index on a lexdict which preserves some other order and 
alternate key is great idea and an easy addition to the current code." 
Has anything been done with this?

2. The use of upper case for the display of keys in front-ends is 
totally unnatural. Can I plead that something be done about this? Surely 
it is an easy fix, or is it more than a display issue. Not fixing it 
makes SWORD totally unfriendly for Koine Greek students...


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