[sword-devel] TEI external references with osisRef

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Mar 19 02:08:17 MST 2009

Daniel Owens wrote:
> I want to know how to encode a link to a Bible verse in a TEI 
> dictionary. The wiki isn't very specific about how to go about this. 
> External references are like so:
> <xr type="xref"><ref target="work:key">key text</ref></xr>
> But the wiki says to use osisRef. Should it be identical in form to an 
> OSIS reference element like so:
> <reference osisRef="Jer.32.39">Jer 32:39</reference>
> Or what?

Use <ref> with osisRef. It's visible in the Wiki again. The examples on 
that page were obscured by the recent addition of <ref> tag support in 
the Wiki.


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