[sword-devel] Fwd: [GnomeSword-developers] Hebrew WLC Text with Strongs numbers and Morphology?

Daniel Glassey dglassey at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 11:09:27 MST 2009

Forwarding this to sword-devel as afaik that is the appropriate place
to discuss a very useful project like this.

Would it be possible to use the software from the KJV2003 strongs
tagging project for a project like this and how would they get it


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From: Etienne Snyman
Date: Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 3:39 PM
Subject: [GnomeSword-developers] Hebrew WLC Text with Strongs numbers
and Morphology?
To: gnomesword-users at lists.sourceforge.net,
gnomesword-developers at lists.sourceforge.net

Hi! Some people might have heard of me, but my name is Etienne Snyman, a
fourth-year student of Theology at Stellenbosch University, South
Africa. At our seminary, we use the Logos Libronix library program on
our computers to assist us in our Greek and Hebrew studies. However, I
have come to know and love the Sword/Xiphos project, and find it a good
alternative to the very expensive Logos software.

For this reason, I propose to solve the one problem that keeps me from
suggesting to our faculty to stop paying for unnecessary software and go
open-source. This problem is that there IS NO HEBREW SWORD MODULE WITH
STRONGS NUMBERS AND MORPHOLOGY/. /In fact, there is no WLC module with
anything except the basic text.

Since I am at a faculty with about one hundred students who understand
the language to lesser and greater degrees, I was wondering if it was
possible to get some of them, and as many people as we can get involved
over the entire world, and create a Sword module, a public domain module
with Strongs numbers and morphology, since I have not been able to find
a module we can use which is not copywritten.

If anyone agrees with me, and wants to get involved, I think it will be
a great idea to have a fully functioning open-source alternative to the
most expensive bible software money can buy (although it is the best at
the moment too!)

Contact me, or perhaps just get involved, and let us make the Hebrew as
accessible as the Greek!

Love and peace!

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