[sword-devel] first non-KJV v11n

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Mar 18 02:42:52 MST 2009

I've committed the first non-KJV versification system to SVN HEAD, as 
well as an expanded builtin_abbrevs[] array with all of the books we are 
likely to support in 1.5.12 (or quite probably more books than that).

The v11n system I've committed is "Leningrad"--the v11n of the Leningrad 
Codex. *There is no guarantee that we will ship this v11n system in the 
next release. It should be considered a test v11n.*

The reasons for selecting Leningrad first are that it is well defined, 
different from KJV (verses & chapters are different, book order is 
different, & NT is absent entirely), and there is only one text (plus 
its derivatives) that uses this v11n, so people are unlikely to go too 
wild with it. I've tested it only to the extent that I've compiled Sword 
with it included.

There are no books in this system, ATM, but I'll work on posting a demo 
WLC in its native v11n tomorrow after I get home from work (in about 10 


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