[sword-devel] [sword-support] deuterocanonical support

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Mar 16 15:31:09 MST 2009

David Haslam wrote:
> Can someone please clarify whether "deuterocanonical" support in the pipeline
> is just extending scope of the canonical support to the 75 books found in
> many Catholic Bibles, or if it also will address the pseudo-epigraphical
> books as found in the Ethiopian (Amharic script) Bibles?

You can have a look at the book collections at 

We definitely won't include anything outside of canon.bible.xml in the 
first dv11n release. We may remove some of the books currently in 
canon.bible.xml (e.g. the Ethiopic Orthodox & Peshitta books) since we 
won't actually be supporting those books in any of the v11ns in our 
initial offering.

> Also, how utilities such as IMP2MOD with its command switch called "append"
> will work in the context of an extended canon for the SWORD API? 
> If I recall correctly, individual books are placed in the right order when
> "append" is used, which would seem to imply that a specified order would be
> required for the deuterocanonical books, even though the order varies in
> different Catholic translations

The importers will work as usual. You'll specify a versification for the 
text to the import utility (imp2vs or osis2mod). It will pass the v11n 
value to the SWText constructor, which will instruct it to use the 
specified v11n. (Troy has even committed the code for imp2vs to take 
v11n as an argument already.)

Append will also work as usual. Append pertains to whether a text is 
overwritten or appended to, so its use can affect the stored order of 
verses, but won't affect where the engine thinks they belong for 
access/display purposes.

Each v11n will specify a book order, so different traditions that vary 
with respect to book order would have to be represented by different 
v11n definitions.

> Has this topic even been considered?

Yes. This has all been well thought-out. It's just SWText with a drop-in 
replacement for the content of canon.h.


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