[sword-devel] Alternate Versification

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 10:54:34 MST 2009

DM Smith wrote:
> If I am understanding this correctly, this leads me to believe that 
> GenBooks are not going to be used, but rather regular Bible modules. If 
> this is true, it is a boon to commentaries as well, as commentaries are 
> structured internally as Bibles. And it gives us compressed modules. And 
> it gives us the speed of the Bible module (GenBook is very slow in 
> comparison.)

This is really good to know. I was recently looking at the "Holy Bible" 
software you can get from cathnet.org here: 

This is a fork of Sword for windows I think which includes the DRC and 
CCB as Bible modules, not Gen book modules. I believe this is not 
intended to be a general purpose fork and "regular" Bible modules would 
not work (but I have not tried).

> I had been concerned with GenBooks being used as osis2mod does 
> transformations and the gen book importer did not.
> I think that what is needed is a minor change to osis2mod:
> It will need to instantiate an appropriate VerseMgr (based on a new flag 
> to the program, defaulting to KJV) and the isKJVRef and makeKJVref will 
> need to change to isV11NRef and makeV11NRef.
> Whoo Hoo!!!!
> BTW, it should be easy to implement this in JSword!

This is the best news of all. I have been promoting both BibleDesktop 
and FireBible locally and the one sticky point is the fact that no 
Catholic Bibles are available. DM, I had been meaning to talk to you 
about these Bibles for some time now; if we could get this into JSword 
1.7, that would be great! You can count on me for assistance, but I 
suspect these are changes you would like to make yourself :)


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