[sword-devel] building a community

Mark Trompell mark at foresightlinux.org
Mon Mar 16 06:20:55 MST 2009

I just thought that sword projects visibility isn't that great atm.
So I was wondering if it would make sense, trying to start getting the
local user community together.
That is, trying to get eg. german (I'm german, therefore I'm picking
that as example) users/devs of the frontends together to build a local
informal usergroup.
The purpose is to have people knowing about each other and be able to
coordinate going to christian meetings and present sword and the
frontends there.
Maybe having local sword-<lang> mailing lists or irc channels for communication.
How to make users getting to know about that would be another problem
to think of.
That's just a rough thought. Needs comments and polishing though.


Mark Trompell

Foresight Linux Xfce Edition
Cause your desktop should be freaking cool
(and Xfce)

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