[sword-devel] Poetry and indented lines

Ben Morgan benpmorgan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 15:22:13 MST 2009

On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 5:43 AM, DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org> wrote:

> Thanks Chris. Based on that I've updated
> http://crosswire.org/wiki/OSIS_Bibles#Marking_poetic_material.
> I checked the SWORD and JSword renderers and they don't do indentation
> based upon level. I think it would be simple to add. I'll do it for JSword,
> but I don't have the time to do it for SWORD. It looks like a couple of
> lines to osishtmlhref.cpp and osisrtf.cpp.

It may not quite that simple... without css, I'm not sure how you can do
indentations easily in html (blockquotes? &nbsp;s?). BPBible currently
extends the wxHTML parser to add some new tags and then it is easy. I should
be able to make BPBible use the level attribute very easily.

Another thing that BPBible does is puts the verse number in the lg margin
during poetry - more like a print Bible.

> Beyond that the ESV and WEB should be updated to do proper indentation. Are
> there any others?
Not that I've seen; but I haven't looked far. Anyway, it would be good to
update these.

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