[sword-devel] Wiki front end comparison

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Mon Mar 2 15:58:46 MST 2009

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Brian Fernandes wrote:
>> Unfortunately I could not figure out how to easily import the {{yes}} /
>> {{no}} templates into our Wiki, perhaps best left to someone with more
>> experience. I can try again later tomorrow if nobody gets to it by then
>> - if you think this is a good idea.
> I have created a {{yes}} and a {{no}} template. I put them into a few
> places
> We now only need a {{partial}} template. I will do so later.
> To create a table the easy way do not use the construction you did but
> look at old tables
> {| some styles etc
> !header1
> !header2
I really like the color coded templates! Thanks Brian and Peter!

Found out the reference does not need to be included in the template to 
color the cell correctly.

With sorting the page is too wide to print in landscape without 
truncation. I think there is some value in sorting the yes/no columns. I 
think we have some trade offs to consider here: Friendly names, printing 
and sorting. Not sure what the solution should be.

In Him,

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