[sword-devel] PlowSare program

Mariakakis, Manolis manolis.mariakakis at emate.eu
Tue Jul 21 15:40:44 MST 2009

Dear Jonathan,

The work of the Hebrew and Greek words translation is fantastic. God bless you. 

But also the work of the online http://plowsharemission.com/WebApps/PlowShare/ is fantastic. It seems that you are using ajax technology. Could you please give me information about the technology you are using (just urls, javascript libs, etc).

I am the developer of newlife4you.gr church site, please go to see http://www.newlife4you.gr/strong/greekstrong.asp a piece of my work (2004 year before). I am looking now to redesign using at least ajax. 

Thanks and Gode Bless you,

Manolis from Athens
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