[sword-devel] OSIS Commantaries sub chapter sections

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 09:12:53 MST 2009

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Looking at the Wiki the correct way to encode a verse(group) by
> verse(group) commentary in OSIS goes like this
> <chapter ..... >
> <div type="section" annotateType="commentary" annotateRef="... ">
> ...
> </div>
> <div type="section" annotateType="commentary" annotateRef="... ">
> ....
> </div>
> ...
> </chapter>
> fine so far. Each div section refers to a single or group of verses. Not
> a problem.
> But my commentary again groups several of these sections together under
> a common title. How do I code this?
It should be with
<div type="section">
<title> xxx </title>
....section content...

The problem is that the 1.5.11 osis2mod (which builds 1.5.9 compatible 
module) does not handle <div type="section"> well. The 1.5.11 version 
(i.e. what's in SVN) still will build a 1.5.9 compatible module and 
handles it much better.

If you use the 1.5.11 version, merely use the milestoned version of <div 
type="section"> or leave it out for now, just using <title> at the right 

In saying that osis2mod will build a 1.5.9 compatible module that merely 
means that osis2mod will not introduce any incompatibilities. It is 
still possible to have OSIS features that are not compatible with 1.5.9 
or even 1.5.11.

Hope this helps.

In Him,

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