[sword-devel] [sword-support] Translating in french

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Jan 26 07:16:04 MST 2009

Simon Baconnais wrote:
> Ok, i can translate it because these works are in the public domain.
> But how do can I do it ? I can't open the .czs, .czz or .czv ... What do
> I have to do, to create new modules based on the original ones ?

1) the best approach is to obtain the original files which were used to
create a module.

Usually the original location is in the conf  file. If the location is
not marked you should file a bug against the module.
(www.crosswire.org/bugs). If the file has been moved and you know where
the most reliable source is now located, pass this information on via
the bugs reporting.

2) if we really have ended up with the last surviving copy of a public
domain text, you can use the module export tools to get a OSIS or IMP
file which then you can edit/translate to your heart's content.

Latter way may appear the easier one, but should really only be used if
there is no alternative. There usually is.


> Thank you in advance :)
>> Simon Baconnais wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'd like to translate the JFB bible commentary and the ISBE bible
>>> dictionnary in french, but I have some questions :
>>> Is it legal to translate an distribute it for free ?
>>> Wich licence do i have to use ? (GPL ? Creative Commons ?)
>>> Thank you in advance for your answers.
>> I do not have either right now available, but the general rule is to
>> look into the module conf file and read up on the legalities.
>> If a module is based on public domain text you are free to translate etc.
>> If it is based on a copyrighted text you would need to get the
>> permission from the copyright holder.
>> Regarding licence of your translation - if the source is PD you are
>> pretty free to do as you like, but a free licence would always be
>> appreciated. If it is copyrighted you need to negotiate.
>> Hope that helps!
>> Peter

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