[sword-devel] Greek dictionary - input needed

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Jan 20 21:10:07 MST 2009

Daniel Owens wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
>> For TEI P5 documents, you can set any number of key values within the 
>> n attribute, separated by |. For example n="a|aa|123" would put the 
>> entry in "a" but link the keys "aa" and "123" to the main entry. This 
>> is implemented in tei2mod, however I believe there are bugs in 
>> libsword preventing correct encoding of entry links in modules.
> Excellent, thanks for the tip. I guessed you knew, but I couldn't figure 
> it out myself from the TEI P5 documentation online.

Just to be clear, this use of the n attribute is specific to Sword, so 
it wouldn't appear in the TEI docs. The importer should be perfectly 
compatible with other docs that conform to the standard (by using key or 

And I haven't bothered documenting it in our TEI module docs because, as 
I mentioned, something in libsword is broken at the moment.


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