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Tue Jan 20 12:04:16 MST 2009

Daniel Owens wrote:
>> The other MAJOR problem is that the dictionary keys are always capitalized, which makes it really awkward to use for Greek. Can I lobby again for a change in that? How many Greek students are used to looking up words in capitals? I was taught using lower case letters, and many of the capitals are really fuzzy. When reading I can work them out based on context sometimes because I have the rest of the word to clue me in. Capitals also make accent marks look strange. Then there is the issue of sort order again...

My suggestion would be to have a two tiered lookup system for lemmas.
1) List the word in all lower case, with no accents whatsoever.
2) Then list the full word, as it should be.
After the first search, this would leave just a short list.? And it would alleviate the problem of alphabetizing.? I came across this problem in trying to look up 'pistis' in the Liddell-Scott module.? I was expecting to find it in the general area of 'pisteuw', but 'pistis' has an accent on the first 'i', so it was 'nowhere' to be found.



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