[sword-devel] FireBible 0.8 Released

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Jan 19 13:07:05 MST 2009

Brian Fernandes wrote:
>> First impression: Wonderful!  It seems to me that this is an excellent
>> frontend.  It even displays the NET bible as it should and that is quite 
> Thanks for the quick review, I'm glad you like it! Serious credit to
> JSword which gives me the HTML required for rendering.

It is indeed great. Thanks for that work. I will put up a news clip

>> something.  It will need to handle commentaries (preferably in the
>> sidebar?) ..  any plans for that?
> Absolutely. Do you like the way they are displayed in BibleDesktop, or
> is there an alternate presentation which you prefer? (I have not
> researched these in depth).

displaying parallel to running bible text is nice. Also if several
columns of text are displayed a commentary undrelying the columns
horizontally would be nice. Not done anywhere but discussed.

> I have a few additional questions:
> 1) I've been looking at the Illustrated New Testament commentary, does
> it actually contain images? Do/can commentaries contain images?

1) a) I do not know
b) yes.

> 2) Any idea where the map and images modules are? No modules are listed
> for this categories on crosswire.org.

Karl has plenty in his repository - ftp.kleinpaste.org/pub/sword.

We had one in CrossWire beta, but had to pull it when copyright issues
crept up.


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