[sword-devel] FireBible 0.8 Released

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 22:31:39 MST 2009

FireBible 0.8 released
This is the first update to FireBible ever, you can get it here: 
This version has been tested on Windows, OSX and Linux.

If you already have FireBible installed, you can simply search for 
updates in Firefox (Tools > Add-ons > Find Update) to locate and install 
the update.

This version of FireBible is compatible with both JSword 1.0.7 and 
JSword 1.6. If you are using Java 1.6u10 or u11, please read the 
instructions on the site for a workaround until 1.6u12 becomes available 
(there was a bug in the Firefox Java plugin).

New Features:

* Support for General books, Glossaries, Dictionaries and Daily 
Devotionals added via FireBible sidebar.
* Default bible preference added, allows you to easily work without the 
FireBible toolbar component.
* sword:// protocol support added.
* Code cleanup: Global variables significantly reduced, better Firefox 

Everything in FireBible is URL based. Using the UI provided simply 
generates an appropriate URL. The URL is then parsed by FireBible's 
protocol component to serve up the right content. This means you can 
hide the UI and just deal with URL's if you so choose. These URL's can 
be bookmarked, tagged, will appear in your history, etc. In Firefox 3 
you could just type the title of a passage previously visited, like 
"Genesis 3" into your address bar to load that passage.

This release has been long overdue, it has been practically ready for 
months, but cleaning up has taken ages (and it a task which is very easy 
to put off for later). I tried to address the problems uncovered in the 
last release, but some may have been missed. Now that I've added support 
for most modules, I can start polishing.

Unfortunately, time constraints have prevented me from releasing this to 
any beta testers so any feedback is strongly encouraged and appreciated.


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