[sword-devel] Sword Library on Windows Without Requiring Cygwin

Jeremy Erickson jerickson314 at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jan 9 18:04:09 MST 2009

	I have successfully built BibleMemorizer using the binaries Matthew Talbert 
provided me.  (Matthew, thank you for providing those!)  Thanks to everyone 
for the suggestions; they may be helpful for the future if I try to build a 
lighter Sword library (since I'm not using features like CLucene or the 
install manager).
	At present I am using MinGW to compile BibleMemorizer itself, since the Qt 
binary installer for Windows sets everything up such that this works.  I was 
already using QMake on other platforms, so I used Cygwin to run 
my ./configure script just to generate qmake_vars (a file unique to 
BibleMemorizer) and then re-ran QMake myself.  Because I didn't have to use 
MSYS, my setup problems there weren't an issue.
	For those who want to download binaries, they are available from my 
SourceForge project page.

-Jeremy Erickson

On Friday 09 January 2009 8:55:09 am Chris Little wrote:
> Jeremy Erickson wrote:
> > 	I have never really compiled anything on Windows not using Visual
> > Studio, unless I was using Cygwin and didn't care if it linked the DLL.
> You always have the option of using VS itself. We have projects for the
> last couple releases of VS in the source distribution. They may require
> a bit of updating, but should be fairly close to working out of the box.
> --Chris
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