[sword-devel] Sword Library on Windows Without Requiring Cygwin

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Jan 9 01:22:40 MST 2009

Jeremy Erickson wrote:

> 	I have never really compiled anything on Windows not using Visual Studio, 
> unless I was using Cygwin and didn't care if it linked the DLL.  (The vast 
> majority of my experience is on Linux, and the rest on Mac OS X which is 
> similar.)  However, for distribution, I would prefer not to have to link it.
> 	Also, where does the Windows version of Sword look for modules by default?
> -Jeremy Erickson

You should have a look at the Gnomesword mailinglist archives as GS is
currently getting ported to Windows.


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