[sword-devel] Concerns about Alternate Versification

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If I understand you right, this makes sense.  I was thinking of this earlier in the discussion, but the fog of dengue fever has kept me from responding. 

As someone who frequently uses different languages in parallel, I feel that exact correspondence of verse to verse would be nice but not necessary. One learns to accept that versification, even in Protestant translations and certainly with ancient versions, varies in places, and so one adjusts. I love the way some frontends display versions in parallel, but my ideal would be to have Bible text windows synchronized the way BibleTime does with commentaries. That way you can preserve paragraph and poetic breaks. Add to that the ability to view more than one chapter at a time, and you'll have reached my ideal (not that I am the authority!). 

As regards alternative versification in general, I'm so eager to have it (as a module developer) that the two/three stage process sounds more than reasonable. I do think that whatever approach is adopted, the verse numbers that appear on the screen to the user should be the same numbers as those of the printed text. What goes on under the hood to aide in parallel display matters little to the user, but they want to go to Daniel 2:72 and see a number 72 (or to Isaiah 8:23 in the Vietnamese Protestant translations, which currently is reversified as 8:22, and find the number 23).


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As an aside - the simplest way to deal with alternate versification and
parallel display would be to decouple (at least potentially) parallel
column displays.

Poeple who deal regularly with translations which use diverging
versificatins are probably well aware of the versification differences
and can adjust (particularly if the parallel display actually allows
such manual adjustment.

This would/could also (theoretically) allow to look at parallel texts
within one translation - e.g. a story in Mattew and Luke.

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