[sword-devel] Concerns about Alternate Versification

jhphx jhphx at cox.net
Tue Jan 6 12:02:18 MST 2009

Eeli wrote:
> Should the frontend give possibility to change the default v11n? Users 
> may have accustomed to a certain scheme and would like to use it for 
> all modules so that they can use their favorite translation and still 
> find references in other modules easily.

IMO: It would be good if the library was as just as useful to a front 
end developer who was programming with the KJV only users in mind as 
well as one programming for users of a group that commonly uses multiple 
v11n and canons. If a front end developer does not wish to support all 
v11n then the front end should fail gracefully when a users tries to use 
something not support in the provided v11n(s). I am happy to let the 
front end developers and their users decide what that means for them.

With that in mind, the modules should be faithful to the original 
sources. You can't use every printed bible or translation with a printed 
TSK or Strong's Concordance. Even so, such bibles and translations 
modules should be created faithfully to the original sources even if 
they don't work well with the KJV (step 0). The library should be made 
to support these types of modules (step 1), and then, where possible the 
library and front ends should be made to provide compatibility to KJV 
versification and other versifications (step 2). The front end 
developers will decide how to use the compatibility in their software or 
not. And again, if not, it should fail gracefully. This is all just my 


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