[sword-devel] BOM and Osis2Mod

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Jan 6 08:44:14 MST 2009

Wolfgang Schultz wrote:
> Hello,
> if the utf-8 OSIS file has a BOM  ( Byte Order Mark some editors
> insert one) Osis2Mod will fail to make a sword-modul, it were nice if
> this would be fixed, because it will cause lot of problems in further
> steps :(

The BOM in UTF-8 is generally a Windows-ism. Notepad and a few other 
editors insert it, but it is far less common in *nix or on Macs. It 
causes problems in a broad range of cases and serves absolutely no 
purpose. While the BOM is required for XML encoded as UTF-16, it isn't 
specifically suggested for UTF-8.

osis2mod supports UTF-8, only, for which byte-ordering is not an issue. 
So you should really just remove the BOM or better yet, unclick the 
"Include BOM" checkbox where there is one.


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