[sword-devel] Concerns about Alternate Versification

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Jan 6 05:39:58 MST 2009

Hi there .......

Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> Exactly: and I say that is the wrong argument to use.  We should have
> something that suits the problem, and I'm not convinced Genbook does.

I think there may be a lack of understanding here: GenBook is poroposed 
as using the new versetreekey code which presents to the frontend just 
like a text module that uses versekey.  I have not had time to get 
involved over the last few months, but Troy has made quite a few commits 
to SVN in this area and the new class ought to be 'almost' working. (Troy?)

With regard to synchronisation, I made proposals a year or so ago for 
embedding synch. tags into verses (in similar manner to the current 
x-ref tags).  I suggested that the tag be '-1' where the chapter/verse 
is the same as KJV (this will be the norm for the majority of any bible 
version).  Anything else would carry appropriate refs.  In my view, we 
need to cross-reference to three systems (in the main)  Chris will be 
quick to point out that there are at least six.  The main three as I see 
it, are: kjv+apocrypha, Vulgate (used in most Catholic bibles), and lxx

I think if all three of the above were catered for, we would be on the 
right lines and the front end could pick out the appropriate one for the 
current module as it would be shown in the module's .conf file.  From 
the corss-ref, it would be simple to show the paralell verse in a module 
using a different canonical structure.

I'm happy to enlarge on the suggested tagging idea if anyone wants to 
think it through.


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