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Mon Jan 5 11:51:51 MST 2009

validating before creating a module, so it will take extra time
validating when creating a module.

To be blunt, this argument doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  If you
really care about validity in your modules, the only logical thing to
do about it is to prevent invalid modules from being created (or at
least make it a bit harder - I can create modules directly from C++ or
Python, and they would not be so validated).  It also saves the extra
validation step if it is done as part of the process (which also saves
finding an extra validating tool, ...).

It can be clearly seen that invalid modules do get created by certain
parties, and that invalid OSIS documents do get sent to crosswire.
This being acknowledged, surely preventing that is a good thing?  (I
do assume that anyone sending an OSIS document will have run osis2mod
on it and checked the module - if they haven't, then they are
obviously in need of correction).

There has also been discussion of a magic OSIS uploader tool that will
do all the work for you, including validation.  This does not exist,
and still will.  Making osis2mod and friends do the validation
themselves will probably be easier to change, and it will ensure that
all modules are properly validated, not just Crosswire modules.


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