[sword-devel] Tagging and Categorisation of modules

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Jan 5 21:47:57 MST 2009

The categorization system is primarily concerned with presentation 
within a frontend. E.g. a GenBook with category Bible would be 
treated/displayed as a Bible (not that we've implemented this in .confs 
yet), an LD module with type DailyDevotional would display mm.dd keys 
using localized date formats, etc.

It seems like what you're talking about is subject specification, which 
we deal with via the LCSH field (which is repeatable, though we've never 
done so). I'm amenable to adding a CCELSH field (also repeatable) as 
well, for CCEL subjects, since they are more focused on Christian 

A lot of our material can also be found at CCEL or directly derives from 
their material, so copying such entries over would be a bit of work but 
not require much editorial insight. The LCSH values are, as ever, 
available via the Library of Congress catalog website, catalog.loc.gov.


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