[sword-devel] "Neue evangelistische �" available for Sword

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Jan 5 21:28:11 MST 2009

Wolfgang Schultz wrote:
> In my oppinion the Ne� is too long in the beta state,
> crosswire should speed up their processes, but that is only my non
> authoritative  belief....

The latest NeUE from Manfred has only been available for about a month, 
during much of which various parts of the website have been down 
(including the Wiki) and there have been a number of major holidays, so 
there has been little possibility of testing. I think Manfred is doing a 
fine job of taking over this project.

I believe testing and a meaningful beta testing period are important 
components of quality control. Testing helps to reduce errors like the 
values of Lang and SwordVersionDate in neue.conf, which are both clearly 


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