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DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 2 15:22:03 MST 2009

On Jan 2, 2009, at 10:56 AM, Peter von Kaehne wrote:

> DM Smith wrote:
>> I agree with Troy that the http://www.crosswire.org is our first
>> impression and needs to be a great one. I think that much of what you
>> have done has moved that direction.
>> I think that our audience is multi-faceted:
>> (IMHO)
>> - Our biggest target audience is the front-end user.
>> - Our core audience is volunteers and developers.
>> - Our service and collaboration audience are Bible Societies,  
>> Outreach
>> Ministries and Publishers.
> It is extremely hard to combine this in one front page - and  
> previously
> we did not well either. Once people click the first time onto a
> subsequent link it is fine - we can direct them into the correct
> section. My personal target would be to have enough on the front  
> page to
> make them click once more, but not so much that they think they have
> seen everything.
>> I think the front page should list the "Big Five" applications. And I
>> think that they should be listed according to OS penetration:  
>> Windows,
>> Mac, Linux. So I'd suggest mentioning them in the following order:
>> BibleCS, BD, MacSword,  GnomeSword and BibleTime (though the order of
>> the last two can be flipped.) When GS and BT are "native" Windows  
>> apps,
>> I'd move them up.
>> At some point Alkitab should be added, too. It is a great app.
> and BpBible - its download statistics are impressive. It is on
> PortableApps, which is extremely frequented. i know that BD and  
> BibleCS
> can do the same practically, but PortableApps is a massive download  
> driver.

I think the criteria for front page mention include:
1) Is it currently supported?
2) is it actively under development?
3) Is it current with the SWORD/JSword engine?
4) Is it fairly mature? (I would have said at least 1.0, but that is  
also a dubious measure.)
5) Is it well received? (e.g. are lots of people using it?)
6) Does it have a good "home" page? (A bit fuzzy, on purpose. I think  
it should give: release news, source download instructions, app  
download/install guidance, clear support avenues. Perhaps more.)

There should be exceptions, on a case-by-case merit basis.

> It has admittedly a specific and big short coming around its rendering
> of RtoL texts which stops me recommending it but I understand that  
> this
> is in work (and BibleCS had the same problem until 1 year ago)
>> I'd also suggest that the title banner have miniature platform icons
>> after the app name.
> You mean on applications.jsp ?

Yes. When you are seeing all of them it is not immediately obvious  
which apps are for which platforms. Today this only affects a couple  
of apps (BD and Alkitab) but *soon* it will be more.

> And the text for cross-platform applications should
>> list the platforms on which it runs.
> ok.
>> So, yes, I'd suggest a two-tiered approach: an initial first page
>> listing and what you have for the break out by platform.
> My main problem here is screen estate. I am not sure how important  
> it is
> to avoid all vertical scrolling - certainly a lot less relevant than
> horizontal scrolling. But i do not want to be back in the situation
> where we were before I started with everything - one endless scroll.

I only meant the "Big Five" on the front page.

In Him,

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