[sword-devel] StripText(), newlines, and the ESV module

Jeremy Erickson jerickson314 at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jan 1 16:48:21 MST 2009

	I am working on updating the BibleMemorizer Sword plugin.  I've noticed that 
in the ESV (module version 1.0), newlines rendered as <milestone type="line"> 
in RenderedText() are not rendered as newlines in StripText() but rather are 
simply ignored.  See Psalm 119 for an example.  However, the seeming 
equivalent of </I> or <CM> in a different translation such as WEB or ASV is 
properly rendered by StripText().  I am using Sword 1.5.11.  Is this a bug in 
either Sword or the module?  Bibletime does render the newlines as I 
would expect, although when copying to plaintext it behaves like StripText().

	Looking back at the mailing list archives. there was a thread "ESV module 
tidying" on October 30, 2008 that points out a passage (Isaiah 1:12) with 
this same problem, as I just verified.  In that thread, it apparently does 
work for Karl on Diatheke 4.2.1/Sword 1.5.11, which oddly enough is exactly 
what I am using.  I don't get the newlines from Diatheke but rather get the 
same output as StripText().  Karl, can you verify what version of the ESV 
module you are using?  Thanks.

-Jeremy Erickson

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