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Date: Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 9:22 PM
Subject: Manuscript Comparator now with entire New Testament
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Huge progress has been made this week! The entire New Testament is now
in the database and any NT passage can now be viewed in the Manuscript
Comparator. There are seven entire MSS (editions) of the NT now stored
both individually and also merged into and linked with the unified
manuscript. The import script took 4 hours to import and merge all the
data: there are a total of 1.1 million words in the database!

You may enter arbitrary references (single verse or verse range) to
look up specific passages, like:

Comma Johanneum:

Pericope Adulterae:

Mark 16:

You can also hide the chapter/verse divisions; the introduction and
the query form have been improved.

Please spread the word in your circles. I'm planning on adding the
links like above to their respective Wikipedia articles. I'd really
appreciate feedback and critique.


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