[sword-devel] SWORD ICU question

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Feb 28 16:42:29 MST 2009

Dear Greg,

It looks like there are 2 flags that can be defined when compiling SWORD 
but Chris might correct me.

_ICU_ -  enable ICU support in sword
_ICUSWORD_ - enable use of our own ICU additions (icu-sword)

Greg Hellings wrote:
> So I was noticing in Troy's comments his mention of building SWORD
> source with sword-icu in a parallel directory.  Is that still
> necessary?  I built the Visual Studio 1.5.11 version of SWORD in the
> DEBUG with ICU target, not having sword-icu on my machine at all, and
> it seemed to have compiled without any issue.  Is sword-icu
> incorporated into the source of SWORD when the release tarball is
> made, or is it still necessary to have sword-icu in a parallel
> directory for the VS makefiles to properly link that in?
> --Greg
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