[sword-devel] [Wiki Frontend comparison] Proximity searches

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Feb 28 08:42:46 MST 2009

I believe Matthew is correct about the lucene limitation about finding 
hits only within document.

Proximity search between verses isn't supported in the engine yet, but 
should be soon.  There is limited support starting in 1.5.11, I believe, 
which creates chapter document (or in SWORD terms, DisplayLevel 
document, which means more in genbook terms).  For example, you can do a 

prox:"God love"~15

and it will tell you which chapters have hits.  This is not ideal, as 
chapter boundaries should not be a limitation either, but it works very 
nice for genbook docs-- especially the inscription and papyri databases.

Here is the search on NASB:


The impl will change when we do something more official, but it is still 
useful for some cases.


Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> I do not know about the others, but cross-verse search is not possible
>> in Xiphos.
> Are you sure? The whole clucene stuff in xiphos is not really documented 
> at the moment. I found a lot via going into Jakarta's documentation.
> I do vaguely though remember that there is a cpapility to search across 
> boundaries - at least in the sword library with clucene enabled.
> Peter
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